RYAT        ˈrī-ət        

growth lies, pack of truth

growth lies, pack of truth is a short speculative film reconfiguring news media coverage of mass shootings from the 1960s to present day. Primarily reworking news footage of the University of Texas tower shooting in 1966, the piece rewrites an interview by a news anchor with a first responder, focusing the conversation instead on the mental health and recovery of the first responder and a mysterious creature spreading like a virus throughout the nation. The film metaphorically combines social anxiety around the rise of pandemics with digital virality as a kind of physical and mental disease rooted in surveillance technologies to examine the commodification of trauma in U.S. news media. growth lies, pack of truth imagine an alternative universe in which vulnerable masculinity may aid in altering the course of the future.

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growth lies, pack of truth at Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles  Opening October 1st - January 8th

Recent Exhibitions
Spillover, Durden and Ray at the Bendix building, Los Angeles
It’s kind of a scary feeling, LAXART for X-TRA Summer Launch Party
growth lies, pack of ruth,
LA Freewaves for the 2022 Queer Bienniel

Contact: ryat.yezbick [at] gmail.com

Photography: Hagen Betzwieser, Keelan O’Hehir, Jessica Wittman, Panayiotis Tsangas, Cedric Tai, Eleni Maligoura, Zach Korol-Gold

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